10 things you need to see and do at London Technology Week

From 16-20 June, London will be bigging up its role as the digital capital of Europe. We pick out our highlights of the week

From Monday 16th June, the great and the good of tech will gather in London for the capital's first ever Technology Week.

London Tech Week was devised to cement London's place as one of the world's foremost technology hotbeds. It's set to be a packed timetable, with 200 events jostling for your attention.

So which are the unmissable ones? We've picked out the highlights for Stuff readers; head on over to the London Technology Week site for the full calendar.

1. The Future of the Mobile Web

7pm, Monday 16th
A tenth of the world's web traffic is now on mobile phones, and it's only set to grow as the developing world comes online. What will that mean for the future of the internet – and the technology we use to access it? A panel of experts including Swiftkey CEO Jon Reynolds gather to discuss the new mobile world.

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2. Tech Founder Talks

4:45pm, Tuesday 17th
Four founders from London's most successful tech startups – Funding Circle, Housetrip, Duedil and Secret Sales – gather to discuss London's role as a "Global Innovation Hub". Want to get your startup off the ground? This is the launch pad.

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3. Multiclash IV

7pm, Monday 16th
London's indie game developers show off their multiplayer efforts, complete with ample lubrication. Explore the delights of Super Sheep Shape Shifters and "Unnamed Racing Game" at this late event.

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4. The Human Brain Project: Building the Brain from Big Data

1pm, Tuesday 17th
Scientists are trying to recreate the human brain on a supercomputer – find out how they're creating the artificial intelligence that will DOOM US ALL. Ahem.

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5. The Future of Music Technology

4pm onwards, Tuesday 17th
The Creative Data Club explores how data will change the face of music – contributors include Di Mainstone (above), whose "The Human Harp" project turns bridges into musical instruments.

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6. Humanising the Robot Society

5pm, Wednesday 18th
Innovation charity Nesta looks to a future in which more and more jobs are performed by robots. Will it be a utopia of unlimited leisure time, or a stratified society in which a technological elite dominate?

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7. UK Apps Design Awards

6:30pm, Wednesday 18th
Discover the best of the year's apps in this presentation. Be warned, it's not a free event; you'll have to pony up £30 for a standard ticket, or £60 for a VIP offering.

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8. Will Artificial Intelligence put my job at risk?

6:30pm, Wednesday 18th
As AI looms large on the horizon, this panel discussion hosted by The Spectator ponders: will computers take over white-collar jobs in the 21st century, as robots did manufacturing jobs in the last century?

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9. The Mixer

6pm, Thursday 19th
Four hot startups gather to show off their "Virtual World meets Real World" projects and network. Beer and nibbles are promised, as are tech and creative types – and "a sprinkling of VC activity", if you're looking to pitch your own world-changing app.

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10. Virtual Indie-ality

7pm, Thursday 19th
Want to find out if the next generation of virtual reality lives up to the hype? Find out here, as VR devs set out their stalls with innovative new games and projects.

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