10 of the best LG G2 apps

Swiftkey (£2.99)

SwiftKey is the best touch screen keyboard we've ever used and its word predictions are scarily accurate. The latest version splits the keyboard up across the screen and introduces emoticons, and you can even shrink it and move it around for easier one-handed typing.

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Angry birds Go! (£free)

Those angry avians get the Mario Kart treatment (though you can get behind the wheel of a a car as a pig if you like) in this latest blockbuster title from Rovio. Special powers, multiple game modes and all in 3D. Your G2 just got a while lot more fun

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Cal (£free)

If you’d rather see something a little prettier when checking when your next dentist appointment is, Cal is for you. Meetings are saved with maps of the location and pictures of those attending, birthdays show screen photos of your friend, with contact details and social networking links and it can also connect with the Any.do app (by whom Cal is made) to integrate your tasks for that day for a one stop shop of life organisation.

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Nova Launcher Prime (£2.60)

The beauty of Android is that you can customise it without having to jailbreak it. If you're not a fan of the G2's interface then dial things back a notch with Nova Launcher, which offers custom icon packs and gesture controls, letting you set up your S4 just the way you want it. It'll disable the double-tap to lock feature on the home screen, but you can still tap the status bar to lock the G2.

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Ridiculous fishing (£1.99)

Vegetarians, look away. Armed with a fishing rod and an upgradeable arsenal of guns, you have to throw your line out to sea, dodging the fish on the way down. Once you get to the sea floor, you reel your line in, collecting as many fish as you can, throwing them into the air once you reach the surface and then shooting them to smithereens. Don't tell PETA.

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