10 of the best geek ice cube trays

Nice Ice Baby. Ok, we promise there won't be any more ice puns inside. Honest

Once a precious commodity transported over thousands of miles so that the well-off could cool their drinks, the humble block of ice has been cooling our beverages for hundreds of years.

With the party season looming, we're taking a look at how you can stick out from the crowd with a collection of the funkiest ice cubes this side of the North Pole.

Tetris ice cube tray

£6 lazyboneuk.com

You could use food colouring and hundreds of these Tetris ice cube trays to play a real life game of Tetris, with a hair dryer to quickly eliminate completed lines. Or - just hear us out - you could get back to the rest of the party and engage in normal human interaction.

Star Wars: Han Solo ice cube tray

£9 thereplicarepublic.com

Our amateur scientific knowledge indicates that carbonite should not be ingested. Luckily for us, this Han Solo mould merely uses frozen water to replicate his unfortunate predicament from The Empire Stikes Back, so drink away.

Ice Speed chess set

US$8 thinkgeek.com

Playing against a clock? What is this, chess amateur hour? Everyone knows that true masters play with pieces made from solid ice. It'll keep your fingers numb and your brain sharp, with the added bonus of using discarded pieces to cool an accompanying glass of scotch.

Star Wars Death Star ice cube tray

US$30 amazon.com

Yes, it's the second Star Wars entry in the list, but we couldn't leave out this frozen version of everyone's favourite planet-destroying accessory. Ideal for evil villains, Sith Lords and annual Star Wars movie marathon hosts.

Lego: Minifigure Ice Cube Tray

£9 amazon.co.uk

It's no secret that we're big fans of Lego here at Stuff Towers, which is why we couldn't leave out this official Lego minifigure ice tray which can churn out eight adorable little Lego men at a time. Fill with chocloate for a delicious (and sadistic) snack.

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AK47 Bullet ice cube tray

£2 findmeagift.com

An esteemed lyricist called Ice Cube once sang about a day so good that the use of his AK47 assault rifle was entirely unnecessary. If any one object could epitomise Mr Cube's song, it would be this AK47 bullet ice cube tray. Presumably not for use with a real firearm, but there's no harm in trying. We think.

Gin & Titonic

£6 urbangifts.co.uk

This slightly macabre version of the infamous unsinkable ship boasts an authentic sinking vessel alongside a floating iceberg of doom. We recommend throwing in a cocktail umbrella or two to brighten things up a bit.

Guitar ice cube mould

£4 drinkstuff.com

Jazz up your cocktails with these frozen guitars with plastic necks to stir and mix your sweet concoctions of alcoholic nectar together. Now someone please make a life-sized strat version so that we can smash it on stage without feeling remorseful.

Brain Freeze ice cube tray

£7 lazyboneuk.com

The brain named itself. Freaky thought isn't it? Distract yourself from this and other deeply disturbing philosophical musings with a stiff drink, cooled by a frozen replica of arguably the most important organ in our bodies.

Space Invaders ice cube tray

£8 attitudeclothing.co.uk

Get some sweet payback on those pesky invaders by using their frozen corpses to cool your celebratory beverage. What? Too morbid? Well excuse us for enjoying our victory over some fallen alien scum.

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